7 Reasons to Choose Acumatica for ERP

Acumatica enhances the performance of your company by offering a package of management software that automates major business processes throughout the organization at lower cost than conventional solutions.

Acumatica enables you to make a software service into a perpetual server license, which allows you to keep the focus on your business decisions rather than committing to a particular technology. Here are 7 reasons to choose Acumatica as your ERP solution.



1. Acumatica is the software designed for cloud computing which has the power, usability, performance and rate of usual client server software. You just have to make payment for server permit of Acumatica which permits you to include everybody in the organization on your own success. You can also consist of casual users and business partners.

2. Acumatica provides integrated modules that make it effortless for you to effectively manage your accounting, finances, sales operations and customer service using web interface. It also provides 360 degree view of all the customers and providers.

3. Acumatica is made up of an entire range of business intelligence tools to personalize dashboards, reports and financial affairs.

4. Centralized management of documents can possibly be retrieved quickly while ensuring adherence to all safety policies of the organization.

5. Customization Tools and Development

Acumatica supplies customization tools, net SDK and a completely documented API. Customizations are technically integrated and there’s isolated core of each application hence there is no negative impact during the updates of its program.

6. LAN or on-cloud calculating

Acumatica can easily be deployed on the company’s local server or could be hosted on a web server depending on your requirements. Acumatica management applications can also be used as an applications service through the Azure platform of Microsoft. Last, it is also possible to decide to put in Acumatica on to some virtual server, as a completely dedicated host or in a load balanced environment.

7. Data monitoring and safety

Acumatica is intended to fit the demands of hospitals, banks and government organizations in terms of security. Acumatica hence provides a thorough set of security features including access control, data processing and bandwidth from the server.

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