How Is a Nonreligious Ceremony Different From a Nondenominational Wedding Ceremony?

Just how is a non spiritual wedding ceremony different from a nondenominational wedding wedding ceremony? It’s a question that I’m asked every now and then.

Nondenominational still implies that the service is Christian in some way, without adhering to a particular sect of Christianity. There are many sects, with 30 or so main denominations.

A nonreligious wedding ceremony will have no mention of God or anything strict. It might have psychic elements, like stopping to breathe and soak in the moment, or recognizing nature during the wedding or by blessing the couple’s hands. Religious and spiritual won’t be the same thing and plenty of folks are spiritual, without actually being religious.

Nondenominational services mention God and are faith-based, good results. so many different faiths and spiritual beliefs, I find it is best to mention God as everyone’s homeboy.

I was not just a Christian minister. We are a minister of metaphysics (where science and spirituality come together) so wedding attendees may have knowledge of the holy bible that’s far better than my own, so We only mention Jesus when specifically instructed to by my couple and usually ask if there is a religious family customer who would like to show up to read it or lead a plea.

Every now and then I’ll meet a spiritual grandparent while at the wedding and receive 20 questions about my strict training. I tell that grandparent that I’m a nondenominational minister who elevates the truth in all faiths and the couple’s ceremony is fairly laid-back, but still honors Goodness. That answer usually suffices.

Nonreligious wedding ceremonies are my specialty. Nor are they generally spiritual. Right now there are quite a few religious ministers in my town, but few who will officiate a wedding that brings a homosexual couple together or lovers from two different faiths. When two different faiths can be found, it can be best to have a ceremony totally free of anything spiritual, but can have elements from each faith and honor both. The secret is not to make anyone in attendance feel alienated.

Nonreligious ceremonies are becoming a growing number of common. One particular reason they’re becoming more popular is the absence of rules or identified way to do things. Occasionally a couple will have their dog as their ring bearer, a grandparent acting as flower young lady or perhaps a surprise wedding. We’ve been luckily enough to officiate three surprise wedding ceremonies. One of those delight weddings was a play in the couple’s garden that turned out to be their wedding. The play was Roman inspired and I dressed up as Julius Caesar! Everybody in attendance was so surprised and it was one of my favorite wedding ceremonies.