Choosing The Best Web Hosting Companies

As you learn how to make a website, one of the significant decisions you will face is where to host your site. The choice becomes even more perplexing by the dozens of sites proclaiming the”Top 10 Web-Hosts.” The truth is, the majority of these”top 10″ lists are simply composed of those companies which were willing to pay for the listing.

So how can you decide? Well, step one is to ascertain what type of hosting you need. Obviously, for large scale websites, you’ll want large-scale hosting. For a small, private website, very fundamental hosting is all you will really need.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Every developer will likely have their preferred hosting company, and you’ll need to find out what work best for you. From personal experience however, here are a few options to meet a wide range of hosting needs.


Bluehost is a good, inexpensive solution for small, personal websites. Hosting starts at a very low monthly rate, also provides boundless disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited hosted and parked domains. It also includes a fairly decent drag-and-drop on line website editor. Bluehost provides a whopping 100 MySQL databases, 1,000 FTP accounts, and also an outstanding 2,500 email addresses.

Installation of Bluehost content management applications is a quick, one-click affair. Though some folks have discovered Bluehost customer service to be rough, what you buy for the price is really good overall. It is an powerful, cost-efficient alternative for a small-scale, private website.


Linode provides high-quality VPS hosting, and is an excellent mid-range hosting alternative. While they tout the”Linode Cloud,” they don’t truly provide cloud hosting; instead, they offer an excellent VPS (Virtual Private Server) platform, with excellent speed and great flexibility.

The Linode Manager lets you do just about anything, from creating disk partitions to establishing private websites, and everything in between. The Linode corporation has four facilities in the US, one in Europe, and has just opened a new centre in Japan.

Remember that while Linode is excellent for mid-range sites, their rates are simply too expensive for a larger VPS.

They’ve built their company on fanatical customer support and excellent support. Down-time is very uncommon with Rackspace, since they have techs on hand nearly 24/7.

For a large business that requires reliable, powerful, cost-efficient hosting, Rackspace is the thing to do. Their prices are on the high end of this scale, but that is because they especially cater to the demands of large-scale websites.

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